So you love vaping right? You may never have used a herbal vaporizer before in your life but perhaps may be the time you think about switching over to a vaporizer. Vaporizers are powerful hot-air generators that generate heat for the sole purpose of extracting the botanical of your marijuana into vapor so the consumer can inhale with purity and carcinogen free vapor experience which is the intended result you want to have when you’re vaping is a smoke-free environment. When you vaporize, you’re doing lots of great things you wouldn’t really be aware of until reading this blog. The benefits a vaporizer has is phenomenal and amazing. Once you learn everything about a vaporizer, you’ll start to truly respect the power and purpose of a vaporizer.

Fact #1
Vaporizers increase the potency of your herbs by over 85% compared to your conventional way of vaping. When the vaporizer produces the pure vapor, you inhale it thus getting 85% potency increase compared to smoking. When this is kicked into place you end up benefiting huge by not using as much herbage and you save more money in the long run.

Fact #2
Vaporizers filter out 95% of all carcinogens. There’s some vaporizers that don’t and simply combust your herbs which actually defeats the purpose of vaporization but when you actually have a vaporizer that produces pure vapor, it filters everything out, the only thing you have left is the THC content which you inhale and it absorbes into your blood stream.

Fact #3
From the increased potency of 85% to the filtration of carcinogens of 95%, vaporizers save you a ton of money. By using less materials and getting more from the potency, you save 8.5 grams per ounce, when you quickly do that math, you save $127.50 per ounce. This is great savings and a very beneficial method that you can take advantage of

Fact #4
Vaporizers now incorporate smart vaporizer technology which means you will have a mother board to remember your current settings to your past used settings. You can even have vaporizers remember temperature incremental increases when you’re in a vape session and you all the sudden gradually increase the temperature, the vaporizers memory will remember that sequence, the Davinci Ascent Vaporizer is an example of a vaporizer that can exactly do just that.

Fact #5
Over $8.5 billion is circulated throughout the vaporizer industry each year. This isn’t e-cigs we are talking about, this is vaporizers. There’s a difference as vaporizers incorporate more technology and require more manual set up time to be able to keep it functioning.

Fact #6
Vaporizers are legal medical devices — that’s right, vaporizers are used nationwide for patients with chronic breathing problems that need their medication through vapor like an inhaler, vaporizers are even accepted through insurance when we are talking about the really expensive stationary vaporizer that specifically supplies vapor to the patient as the medicine is formed into the vapor gas and inhaled.

Fact #7
Vaporizers will pay themselves back. After our team did a test on how much you truly save, the results were worth the troubles. We calculated you save exactly 7.8 grams with the Atmos Vicod 5G portable vaporizer, 6.9 with the Atmos i4 Vaporizer kit and the Volcano Vaporizer we save the most, over 9.2 grams per ounce we saved. As you test study every vaporizer, you can give it a overall average of 8.5 grams per ounce you save which is $127.50 in savings when you vaporize a whole ounce.

Fact #8
Conduction herbal vape pens are useless. This is so true, every-time you load your herbs in the chamber, the herbs rest directly on top of the heating element, a glass screen can be used to space out but doesn’t really work. The result is smoke, it is a smoke pipe when you have a pen vaporizer with a conduction heating element. Nowadays, pen vapes for herbs are being made using anodized convection vaporization which give you a true vaporization experience.

Fact #9
Cloud Penz 3.0 vaporizer Is the best selling wax dab pen kit in 2016 – with all the new types of heating atomizers it comes with, it should be, it is surpassing the legendary Dr Dabber Ghost vaporizer because this kit does exactly what the Dr Dabber does but with the Cloud Penz 3.0, you get 3 atomizers and a glass globe attachment and the battery indicator light goes off at 10% battery which isn’t existent on the dr dabber ghost kit.