With an increasing in popularity of JUUL, the nicotine salts and pod kits become a favorite choice of cigarette lovers. However, these pod kits are very simple and more convenient to use as well as very essentially for transitioning the smokers and it gives you better result. Of course, the JUUL is a good choice for lots of transitioning smokers and also it is an ultimate dose that might more nicotine than essential for some individual depends upon their smoking habits.

man smoking vape

The major advantage of this open pod system design is choosing your best own flavors and also strength in an equivalent way that you will by using a higher powered sub ohm kit. They can also accommodate the higher PG liquids and also you can easily fill them whatever your strength like that they are longer lasting spending than the closed pod system. These are somewhat bigger than the JUUL and also they might have a longer battery life, best e-liquid capacity and however provides a fast hit, when you want it most.

Is JUUL alternative so famous?

Since its invention, the JUUL has stayed so famous to this day. That is why; the conventional client wants this JUUL alternative.

  • The JUUL manufacturers have always kept releasing a wide array of best flavors. On its downside, this pod is a better closed system that controls a vape user to only what is offered by the manufacturer.
  • Another drawback of using JUUL is not possible to refill the JUUL pods. This means that you should incur expenses in the pod replacements.
  • The pod sizes of JUUL are another drawback. These pods are not enough big and also have to be replaced frequently.
  • Even some users might experience the fewer puffs with a pod capacity of 0.7 ml.
  • With a nicotine concentration of 56 mg/ml, the user will obtain a kick with a fewer puff from the JUUL.
  • The battery capacity of JUUL is rated as 200 mAh. This means that the battery life is annoyingly much lesser than compared to some vape pens.

Therefore, the JUUL competitors are providing the best replacement. Also, the JUUL alternatives are discussed, but are not necessarily perfect and are possibly equally better or even good. Overall, the variety is a spice of life.

Are fake JUUL pods safe?

Definitely, the fake JUUL pods might not be safe and secure to use. Even some of the users have reported that there is a leakage in some pods and they trust are fake one. You should also keep in mind that if somebody does not know what the dishonest manufacturers give in the e-liquids such as leakages that might be harmful and dangerous. It does not mention the hazards of inhaling vapor from the fake JUUL alternative pods. For the JUUL users, there is a requirement to be on take a look for the JUUL killers; because the safety is not guaranteed, so it is necessary to use the vape user forums to remain safe and away from fake JUUL.