How to choose a JUUL alternative?

With an increasing in popularity of JUUL, the nicotine salts and pod kits become a favorite choice of cigarette lovers. However, these pod kits are very simple and more convenient to use as well as very essentially for transitioning the smokers and it gives you better result. Of course, the JUUL is a good choice […]

Are Electronic Cigarettes Safe?

Quite apart from concerns over the nature of e-cigarette liquid and inhaling vaporized nicotine, there is another battle between vapers and skeptics. Are electronic cigarettes even safe to use? Do they pose a threat the way any electronic device might? Batteries are not without their dangers, although consumers use them every day in countless ways without giving […]

Top Vaporizer Facts

So you love vaping right? You may never have used a herbal vaporizer before in your life but perhaps may be the time you think about switching over to a vaporizer. Vaporizers are powerful hot-air generators that generate heat for the sole purpose of extracting the botanical of your marijuana into vapor so the consumer can inhale […]